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Rosenkranz Quotes, 1946

1 – Difficulties are unsurmountable mountains to those who fearfully run from them, but they will prove to be mere molehills if you courageously go after them....

2 – Make it your mission ...to render services to others, & you shall find that you are rendering the greatest service to yourself.

3 – Your education has been a failure, no matter how much it has done for your mind, if it has failed to open your heart.

4 – A successful life must have Aim and Purpose. When we are without aim, we are without hope of accomplishing anything worthwhile. On the other hand, if we do have a set purpose and the courage and backbone to achieve it, we are bound to succeed.
On our pathway we meet discouragement, obstacles, even temporary failure, but we must not lose hope. We must have strength of character and the determination to follow our aim consistently and courageously.
Let us remember that Aimlessness spells Hopelessness, and Purpose spells Accomplishment.

5 – He is wise who does not put off until tomorrow what he can do today .. he is wiser still who does not put off until today what he could have done yesterday.

6 – Opportunity Knocks at Man’s Door But Once. Many a time you have heard that expression and perhaps it is true, but there is no law of God or man that prohibits a man from knocking at Opportunity’s door just as often as he may wish. If he knocks often enough, sooner or later, he is sure to find opportunity at home. If he is ready it will mean Success.  Opportunity means nothing to man who is not ready. If he is not prepared he won’t even be recognized. Whatever we amount to in this world depends entirely upon ourselves, and our own efforts. If we make no effort we get nothing. If we make a big effort to get ahead we can and will succeed. In other words, we are going to be rewarded for exactly what we do.  Success will not come by merely wishing for it. It is something we must fight for. We have got to conquer every obstacle – we cannot give in to pleasures or idle dreams. And the harder we fight the greater will be our success.
Opportunity waits for no one – it’s up to us, make ourselves ready and catch her.

7 - Practical training means the acquisition of Technical information and facts, and the learning how to apply them in a useful manner. In order to acquire knowledge we must use our brain. Our brain, like our body, only grows and develops when properly used.  When we stop using any part of our body it starves and dies. When we fail to use our brain cells they decay and die of starvation.  Let’s learn how to use intelligently our natural abilities, talents, and gifts, and apply them efficiently to our task at hand.

8 – Of all the virtues, patience is the most essential to success.

9 – Success hinges on loyalty. Be true to your art, your business, your employer, your home, your “house”. Loyalty is for the one who is loyal. It is a quality woven through the very fabric of one’s being, and never a thing apart.

10 – A great factory with machinery all working and revolving with absolute and rhythmic regularity, and with the men all driven by one impulse and moving in unison as though a constituent part of the mighty machine, is one of the most inspiring examples of directed force that the world knows. One rarely sees the face of a mechanic in the act of creation, which is not fine, never one, which is not earnest and impressive.

11 – There is no moment like the present. The man who will not execute his resolutions when they are fresh upon him can have no hope from them afterward; they will be dissipated, lost, and perish in the hurry and scurry of the world, or sunk in the slough of indolence. There is but one straight road to success, and that is merit. The man who is successful is the man who is useful. Capacity never lacks opportunity. It cannot remain undiscovered, because it is sought by too many anxious to use it.

12 – In conversation there are two important things to remember: first, to speak sparingly so that others will know that we are wise; second, to listen interestedly, so that they will think that they are wise.

13 – The Wrecking Gang may sometimes render useful Services. But my advice, to ALL men is: Always join hands with the construction crew.

14 – Many things considered impossible and even hopeless are often mastered by determination and intelligent industry.

15 – In order to achieve success in Life we must have ideals, aims and ambitions. We must be willing to work hard, sacrifice freely, be unselfish, cooperative, enthusiastic and determined.

16 – When you are climbing up be sure to help some one else up to , ...that may prove to be your best assurance that you will continue to stay up.

17 – Self Reliance – Work is a mighty hard thing to keep track of. A man will go to an employer saying he has been looking for work everywhere, but cannot find it. The employer gets busy, fins work and gives it to him. Then the employer expects work from the employee, and when he does not get it, pays him off and starts him out looking for work again and the chances are he never finds it.
The less you require looking after, the more able you are to stand alone and complete your tasks. The greater your reward.. Then if you cannot only do your work, but also intelligently and effectively direct the efforts of others, your reward is exact ratio; and the more people you direct, and the higher the intelligence you can rightly lend, the more valuable is your life.

18 – REAL happiness begins where selfishness ends.

19 - Circumstances are masters of weak and the indifferent; they are a challenge to the courageous and the ambitious.

20 – We are not poor when we can be happy without riches.

21 – He who sits and dreams of living on top of the mountain will die in the valley.

22 – Why waste time hunting for excuses when you should invest time in correcting your shortcomings.

23 – I consider him a friend who points out my shortcomings.

24 – If you want your troubles to grow just tell them to everyone you know.

25 – Too many of us believe in the Golden Rule and live by the rule of gold.

26 – You will never find a great movement built up by small men.

27 – When mankind will substitute Tolerance and Truth for Bigotry and Deception – that shall be the beginning of civilization.

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JARRA disse...

Já agora explica donde saíram os mandamentos ...

Anónimo disse...

/3707Ber Latino, autor do blog “Vivencias Mineiras” e leitor assíduo deste blog, responde, em nome de Capitão:
J.A. Rosenkranz era, na década de 50 do passado século, Presidente de “National Schools”, localizada em Los Angeles, Califórnia, U.S.A.
De “National Schools”, recebi, em Beja, por correspondência, nesses recuados tempos, magníficas lições de “Rádio-Television and Allied Electronics”.
Eu era o “Student nº RL-02259”
Nas contra-capas de muitas lições, Rosenkranz inscrevia extraordinários conceitos, que resolvi coligir no que chamei “Máximas de Rsenkranz”.
Muito úteis me foram, no decurso da minha vida.
Também os transmiti a outros, no exercício de actividade profissional, infelizmente, nem sempre com sucesso,
Capitão entendeu que os deveria divulgar, ainda mais.
Acho boa a ideia. Oxalá, venham a ser bem compreendidos e seguidos..

JARRA disse...

Obrigado pelo esclarecimento